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Beaches Acupuncture’s goal is to provide you with a safe, effective and gentle way to feel your best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acupuncture balances the life force in the body which improves nervous system function, energy, and circulation. This will in turn reduce pain, inflammation, and stress in the body leaving you with peace of mind and freedom from physical suffering. It is an effective, drug free way of treating and preventing disease that has been in practice for more than 4000 years. It can treat signs and symptoms as well as addressing the root cause of the problem.
What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is based on ideas and theories formulated over thousands of years. Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into specific sites on the body chosen according to the guiding principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine. Needles may also be used with an application of moxibustion, an herbal heat source.

Needle-less options include cool laser stimulation of specific sites and/or the direct application of medical grade essential oils.

How and where the needles are inserted encourages the body to promote natural healing by enhancing recuperative power, immunity, physical and emotional health and improves overall function and well-being. Acupuncture balances and maintains our health in a natural way.

How long has Acupuncture been practiced?

As a system of medicine, acupuncture is over 2500 years old, and may have been practiced in China in a rudimentary form 5,000, even 7,000 years ago. The oldest continuously used medical textbook is the “Huang Di Nei Jing” (“Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”). Still relevant today, this textbook remains a valuable reference on the theory, and on acupuncture techniques that practitioners still use today. The practice of acupuncture has evolved and changed in the last 2500 years – many new techniques have been developed, and continue to be developed today.

Is Acupuncture treatment safe?

Yes. Only sterile disposable needles are used. Because of the training an acupuncturist receives, acupuncture is very safe. If a comprehensively trained acupuncturist performs the treatment, your safety is assured.

Is Acupuncture painful?

Acupuncture needles are solid and very fine, no thicker than a human hair.   Beaches Acupuncture Clinic specializes in a gentle needling technique that most people do not find uncomfortable.  Many patients sleep through the treatments and report feeling rested and energized by the needles.

What conditions have you treated with Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is used for a broad range of health issues including chronic and degenerative diseases as well as acute conditions and pain. Acupuncture can benefit the immune system by strengthening it if it is weak, or by moderating it if it is overactive. The following list is just a sample of health issues I have treated with acupuncture:
Facial Pain
Neck Pain
Transplant Recovery
Parkinson’s Disease
Panic Attacks
Temporomandibular Joint Disorders(TMD)
Contracture of Joint/Spasm of Muscle
Shoulder Pain/Frozen Shoulder
Back Pain/Low Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Automobile and Sports Injuries
Tendonitis/Tennis Elbow
Stress, Depression and Insomnia
Menopause Syndrome/PMS
Gynecological Disorders
Infertility in Males and Females
Bell’s Palsy/Pareses following a stroke
Allergies, Respiratory Diseases
Skin Diseases
Smoking Cessation
Sexual Dysfunction
Digestive System Problems/Constipation/IBS/ Nausea/Vomiting
Cancer Treatment Support
Immunity Enhancement
Note: The above includes the more common ailments treated. It is not a complete list. If your ailment does not appear on this list, it does not mean it can not be treated by acupuncture. Please contact me to discuss it.

Why should I try Acupuncture?

Acupuncture can relieve the symptoms of your health issue, strengthen your body’s resistance to disease, and restore balance and normal function to your system. Acupuncture is safe and non-evasive and can even diagnose imbalances before they become illnesses, and works as a powerful preventative treatment. Atheletes use acupuncture to boost or maintain performance. Acupuncture supports other medical and psychological treatment, and enhances other types of body work and energy work.

How does Acupuncture work?

The Traditional Chinese Medicine explanation of how acupuncture works is that channels, or meridians, of energy run in regular patterns throughout the body and over its surface. Since meridians link with the organs, a treatment also helps improve the function of the internal organs.  The improved energy flow and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural healing ability and promotes physical and emotional well being.

Needling the acupuncture points can influence the meridian by unblocking the obstructions and re-establishing a healthy flow through the meridians. Since the meridians link with the organs, a treatment can therefore, also help to improve the function of the internal organs. The improved energy flow and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture results in stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities and in promoting physical and emotional well being.

The Beaches Difference

Personal Service

Our clients are treated and evaluated on a personal basis. Each case is unique and each treatment is specialized. Only one patient is seen at a time.


Almost twenty years of study and experience in Chinese Medicine in a general private practice setting. Personal training with the founders of Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture, Professors J.R. and Judy Worsley. Currently engaged in a two-year clinical integration course with prominent scholar and author Lonny S. Jarrett (“Nourishing Destiny” and “The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine”).


“Chinese Medicine is the science of Integrity. Practitioners must cultivate an integrity that in and of itself, is living proof of the efficacy and potential of the medicine being practiced”, Lonny S. Jarrett

Acupuncture discussed on Dr. OZ

Daytime Emmy Award winning host of ``The Dr. Oz Show`` recommends the use of acupuncture.

There are a large number of conditions that have been successfully treated by acupuncture. Just a few include:

  • pain of any origin
  • migraines and headaches
  • carpel tunnel syndrome
  • post stroke symptoms
  • arthritis
  • fertility
  • nausea
  • anxiety
  • For more information on treatment options please contact us.

    Five Element Acupuncture is a powerful healing system that diagnoses and gently treats the cause of disease and pain in the body. It works by nourishing and promoting the flow of life-giving energy, called “qi” or “chi”. We focus on treating the entire person, not just symptoms, to restore health, well-being and enjoyment of life. To achieve that goal Beaches Acupuncture Clinic uses Chinese Medicine along with nutritional and life-style advice. Several styles of Acupuncture are available, including two needle-less options. Contact us today to learn more.

    Acupuncture Injection Therapy (AIT) involves the injection of small amounts of natural therapeutic substances, such as homeopathic remedies or vitamins, into specific acupuncture points by an AIT certified Acupuncture Physician.

    As with acupuncture, fine needles are inserted into acupuncture points or trigger points just under the skin or into the muscles. The combination of Classical Acupuncture and small amounts of medicinal/botanical substances enhances and prolongs the therapeutic effect. This makes AIT particularly effective for the resolution of acute and chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, fatigue and other hard to treat symptoms.

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